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    Terms of service

Effective date: December 11, 2018

    Welcome to Sprouting Wings!

We at Sprouting Wings want to thank you for tapping into our services (“Services”). The services are provided by Sprouting Wings, situated at FF-27, Cross Road mall, Central Spine, Vidhyadhar Nagar. 302039, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

    Terms and Conditions

Using the services of this website, accessible from the user harmonizes with these terms and conditions within the applicable jurisdiction. The user is requested to read the document carefully. The terms represent a general framework of regulations laid down for the use of services provided by Sprouting Wings.

If the user disagrees with any of these terms, he/she is requested not to use the services provided by Sprouting Wings. The content of this Website is protected by copyright and trademark regulations and cannot be replicated by any means.

     License of use

Sprouting Wings does not allow more than one temporary copy of the content provided by us for personal or non-commercial application. This license does not authorize the transfer of title. The user is not allowed to:

  • Reproducing, replicating or modification of the content.

  • Utilization of material for commercial purposes.

  • Removal of copyright from the content documents.

  • Transfer of materials to another individual or firm.

  • Use of branding or logos used within the services.

  • Interfering with the services provided by Sprouting Wings.

  • Accessing the services by methods which use some other interface and instructions.


Sprouting Wings reserves the right to terminate the account of the user for any violation of any of these restrictions. The users are advised to delete or destroy any content that they possess after the termination.


Sprouting Wings provides the services with commercially acceptable skill and we have a faith that the user will appreciate using them. The users are expected to be responsible enough for exercising suitable judgment vis-à-vis appropriate utilization of the resources of Sprouting Wings in agreement with the Sprouting Wings policies, guidelines, and specifications. Sprouting Wings’ resources must not be used for any illegal or unauthorized purpose. Given that we exclude the following liabilities and warranties from our services:

  1. Liability for personal damage due to laxity.

  2. Liability for sham or deceptive practices.

  3. Liabilities not acceptable by the jurisdiction.


We do not make any expressed or implied assurance like non-infringement or fitness of a particular purpose. Sprouting Wings provides the services “as is”.

      Refund Policy

Refund policy or cancellations try to unearth the concealed features of our paid services. Sprouting Wings feel that this policy would be of assistance to the users procuring our services.

By agreeing to the refund policy, the user understands that Sprouting Wings or any associated person shall not be responsible for any personal harm, grievance or loss of any kind experienced by him/her by the use of refund money.

The users are entitled to a refund if he/she requests for the same within 15 days of registration for the service. Cancellation done after 15 days shall not be considered as a valid refund request as per the terms and conditions of refund policy. The terms and conditions concerning the refund policy are as under:

       General guidelines:

  • The user shall possess a registered account on Sprouting Wings to avail the benefits of this refund policy.

  • The refund is constrained by applicable statutory laws and regulations.

  • The refund shall only be granted to the user if he/she is able to present all the requisite documents as required by Sprouting Wings.

  • Erroneous or faulty information by the user shall entitle Sprouting Wings to debar him/her from availing any future services.

  • Any user found to be engaged in the illicit or unlawful activity shall be liable to be subjected to suitable legal action.

  • The services are liable to be changed, discontinued and extended as per the business constraints of Sprouting Wings.

  • Sprouting Wings does not provide any assurance to respond to every feedback, suggestion or queries of the user.

  • The user agrees to share his/her personal information with Sprouting Wings. Sprouting wings reserves the right to use this information for lawful practices.

  • Sprouting Wings shall not be accountable for any technical failure in the connectivity or device at the time of refund.

  • The users found be violating the refund policy repeatedly or requesting frequent refunds shall be subject to cancellation of refund requests.

  • Any disagreement from the T&C laid down in the refund policy shall be attempted to be agreed upon by means of discussions.



     Detailed guidelines:

  • If the user requests for a refund within one week of the membership, he/she shall be entitled to a 30 % refund of the of service charge collected at the time of registration for the service.

  • The user shall be permitted to avail a 20 % refund if he/she appeals for a refund within 15 days of the registration for the service.

  • In no case, the user shall be given a refund if he/she demands a refund after 15 days of registration for the course.



If the user’s expectations diverge from the above refund policy, he/she is requested to opt out from availing the services provided by Sprouting Wings. The above-mentioned refund policy is subject to changes as per the guidelines published by the competent authorities. Sprouting Wings reserves the right to penalize the user if he is found to be noncompliant to the above terms and conditions. In case of any ambiguity or discrepancy regarding the refund policy, the decision taken by Sprouting Wings will be final and no further discussions shall be entertained.

     Content of the user

Services provided by Sprouting Wings allows the user to share and receive their content. The user retains the intellectual property rights of that content. By sharing and obtaining content through our services the gives Sprouting Wings a worldwide license to reproduce and publish such content. The authorization granted by the user in this license is limited with respect to the purpose of operating and improving our services. The license does not terminate even after the user withdraws from availing our services.

     Hyperlinking to our Content

Sprouting Wings does not evaluate the content of the pages linked to its website and excludes any liability to such content. Sprouting Wings does not endorse any website due to the presence of any such link.

Except for the following organizations, every organization needs prior written approval from Sprouting Wings for hyperlinking:

  1. Government organizations;

  2. Search engines;

  3. News and broadcasting agencies;

  4. Online directory distributors.


Following guidelines are indispensable to be followed while linking to our home page:

  • The link should not be deceptive or fraudulent.

  • The link should not imply false association and approval with the products and services provided by Sprouting Wings.


Sprouting Wings will approve linking with the following types of businesses:

  • Online directory distributors

  • Internet portals and dot com websites

  • Charity websites and Non-governmental organizations.

  • Consulting, accounting and legal organisations.


The interested organizations can contact Sprouting Wings for further process and provide details like the name of the organization, contact information as well as URL if the website and expect the response within 1-2 weeks.


     User’s Account

The user is requested to keep the login details as confidential as possible. He/she is solely responsible for the activity that occurs through the account. If the user notices an unusual activity or unauthorized use by a third-party agency, please inform Sprouting Wings for further process.

     Privacy and Copyright Protection

The privacy policy laid down by Sprouting Wings mentions in detail about the protection of personal information when the user utilizes our services. Sprouting Wings retains the right to use this information as per the guidelines of the privacy policy.

Sprouting Wings responds to the notices of contended copyright infringement and reserves the right to terminate the account of repeat violators.

     Modifying and Terminating our Services

The Terms of Service are liable to be updated or changed with time. The users will be notified for any changes in the existing Terms of service by means of posting the new document of the terms on the concerned webpage of our company website. The users will also be notified by means of an email as well as a notice prior to the implementation of the changed Terms of Service and an effective date will be updated at the top of this policy.

However, the users are advised to re-examine the Terms of Service sporadically for any changes. Any changes to this policy would be effective only when they are mentioned on this page.

     Contact Us

If you have any questions about this Refund Policy, please contact us via e-mail to the following address:  INFO@SWDM.IN


Using our website ensures your consent to our Privacy Policy as well as the terms and conditions as posted on the website.

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