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How to check GST number and verify GSTN details?

What is GSTIN ?

GSTN (Goods & Service Tax Number) GSTIN consists of 15 digits of unique code, the first 2 digits can range from 01-35 (Registration state code) next 10 digits are PAN number, 13th digit either 1 or 2, 14th digit by default ‘Z’, 15th digit a random number or alphabet. Auto upper case. eg. 08AQAPD3533F1ZD

Why GSTIN verification is important ?

GSTIN verification needed to check exitance of a business before doing any B2B transaction or filling returns.

Tool for Verifying GSTIN

SWDM - GSTIN Search is a handy and easy to use app which helps you to verify the correctness of a GSTIN. For valid GSTINs, the status of returns filed can also be viewed in the app.

What makes SWDM - GSTIN Search app unique is the ability to recognize GSTIN from any cluster of text. All you need to do is, scan the surface which could have the GSTIN printed. GSTIN Search analyses the text to identify the GSTINs and once identified, the same gets checked. Additionally, you can also type a GSTIN and get the details in the app.

GSTIN also has an important role in the return filing as it identifies the registered business thus can help ensure a genuine of B2B transaction. The correctness of your counterparties GSTINs has a direct impact on your ITC claim.

SWDM - GSTIN Search lets you check the compliance status of your vendors and customers. You can find your counterparties by their business name or PAN or GSTIN.

SWDM - GSTIN Search Let you connect with our best Consultants in your area.

Available On Play Store Click Here

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